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01/ Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Lifts

Both are used to lift the vehicle; for wheels free hanging and full undercarriage access to the vehcile. Various capacities and adapters are available to properly engage the pick-up points of the vehicle.

03/ Benefits of True Asymmetric Lifting

When the lift is loaded properly, doors can be opened and the vehicle is positioned a minimum of 24” away from the nearest obstruction. With true asymmetrical lifting, the columns are rotated 30º to place the approximate center of gravity of the vehicle in line with the optimum load capability of the column, reducing unnecessary wear and tear on the column, carriage, and bearings. Asymmetrical lifting provides more clearance at the rear of the columns (the open door contact point) approximately 117” vs. 103.”

02/ Two Post Asymmetrical Lifts

Asymmetrical lifting centers the vehicle to the rear of the columns. On a true asymmetrical lift, the columns are rotated and arms are different lengths, allowing for maximum door opening and interior vehicle access. The rotated columns align the center of gravity of the vehicle, with the lift…equalizing the load on the columns, carriage, and bearings. These benefits make an asymmetric lift ideal for cars, light trucks, and other passenger vehicles. “Capacities range from 7,000 to 10,000 lbs.”

04/ Two Post Symmetrical Lifts

Symmetrical lifting centers the vehicle front to rear in the bay. Columns are positioned directly across from each other, facing – arms are of equal length – and the lift has more drive thru clearance. The center of gravity of the vehicle and the lift are aligned, equalizing the load on the columns, carriage, and bearings.
These benefits make asymmetric lift ideal for trucks, vans, and commercial vehicles. “Capacities range from 10,000 to 18,000 lbs.”

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